Test Facilities

At Gremot, we've built a strong R&D facility for motor, controller and powertrain development.

With upto 100Nm of torque and 15000 rpm maximum of speed, we can cover a very wide range of motors for testing. A glimpse of our motor test bench

The test bench is enabled with a data logger to collect all parameters with up to 1MS/s enabling efficiency maps and data analysis to be done easily.

Motor Technology at Gremot

Over 15 varieties of motors worked with over the past 2 years has given the team the expereince to design the right motor for the job.

Type of Motors

Sinusoidal, Trapezoidal, Induction, Permanent Magnet, Switched Reluctance, Claw Pole, DC Motors

Voltages and Power

From 12 Volts, all the way up to 600 Volts, our design team has experience with them all.

Motor Controller Library

We're building a library of motor controllers at our R&D facility, so that you can have the choice of a variety of controllers from the open market. This can help if you're looking at low volume developments.