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Internal Permanent Magnet Motors are all the rage now for using significantly less power than their competing cousins. This blog should help you understand more about them

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If you have been in the Electric Vehicle space for a significant period of time, you would have come across multiple types of motors and motor technologies. Every other day, there are multiple companies, claiming a new motor topology they have come up with. Each one claiming they are unique. The fact remains far from that. Most economically viable motors tend to more or less be your basic radial flux motors with Surface Mounted Magnets.

With IPM Tech, the magnets that are mounted on the surface of the rotor are inserted into the rotor.


This comes with some very clear and apparent cost advantages.

  1. Run the motor at very high speeds easily. (Lesser Mechanical Stresses)
  2. Use much lesser magnet material, and reduce your dependence on you know which country.

And this comes with no loss in motor performance for the same sizing. Making the motor spin faster requires much less magnet material. And with a higher gear ratio, we can retain the same wheel torque.

As a motor designer, I can say:

Speed is Cheap. Torque is Expensive.

We here at Gremot, exclusively design IPM motors which require lesser magnet material for the same performance as one that offers high torque output.

For OEM’s looking to head to market quickly, the IPM is a very cost effective and viable option. And as the years pass by, we shall keep improving IPM technology to eventually reach no magnet motor technology (SRM ;)). Till then, let’s electrify every vehicle we can.

Gremot can design and manufacture at scale any PMSM in Namma Bengaluru in India. Click on Contact Us to get started.

Feel free to use the comments below if you have any questions, our engineers check by often and answer any technical queries that you may have.

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